16585not a valid account numbee

Hi @Ushnota , my ticket number is 7944346. i am facing an error since last week while placing a buy order. Which is “16585 not a valid account number” i have linked my pan/aadhar and registered mobile number and email with CVLKRA.

Could you please help resolve this matter.


Hi @Lavin_Shewakramani -

Thanks for reaching out and I appreciate your patience. We are already working on your ticket and we see that your KYC validation is done. At this point, you will need to wait for 2 days for the Exchange and CDSL to unblock your account.

Please note that Exchange and CDSL will unblock your account after they verify the KYC status independently.

Again, I really appreciate your patience and understanding. Thanks.

Hi @Lavin_Shewakramani,

We are pleased to inform you that your account has been unblocked. You can start trading now.

Let us know if you require help with anything else. Thanks!