16585 Not a valid account problem facing

Hello @Ushnota can you please help me. I can’t buy any option . It show 16585 Not a valid account. Kindly please help me as fast as possible.

Ticket Id - 7973850

Hello @Sreehari,

Thank you for sharing your ticket ID. We are going to take a look at it.

@Ushnota 16585 not a valid account problem . I verified my KYC .

TICKET ID 7977123

Hi @Sreehari,

We are pleased to inform you that your account has been unblocked. You can start trading now.

Let us know if you require help with anything else. Thanks!

help me please i am facing 16585 not a valid account number.

Hey @saswata99 ,

We are working on your case and will share an update on the main thread. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Hi @saswata99,

You should be able to trade from tomorrow. Let us know in case you face any issue. Thanks.

Good Morning !
The problem didn’t resolved coz I’m still facing the same problem.
Still its showing 16585- Not a valid account number.

Hi @saswata99,

Thanks for letting us know. We are looking into it and will get back to you with an update soon.

Any updates regarding my issue.

Hi @saswata99,

We checked and it seems your PAN and Aadhaar is still not linked and that’s why trading is still blocked. We are sorry about this but rest assured we are following up with various regulators regarding this.

The PAN and Aadhaar showed as linked earlier but now suddenly it is showing as not linked. Could you please check if your PAN and Aadhaar is linked and then confirm it to us with relevant screenshots in the ticket? Thanks.

It’s showing linked.
Please go through the attachment.

It’s showing linked.
Please go through the attachment.

Hi @saswata99,

Our team will call you shortly regarding this. Thanks.

Hello I am facing the error 16585: Not a valid account number. My id is 7LBXTQ.

Hi @adarshk20,

Could you please share your UCC or ticket ID so that we can look into this? Thanks.

My UCC ID is 7LBXTQ. Ticket ID 8178292 Please look into it

I got a call from your team, but i can’t able to receive the call coz i was driving.
Can you please call back again as soon as possible.

Hi @saswata99,

Sure, I have passed on your message to the concerned team. They will call you back.

Any update regarding my issue?