While placing the order getting the error as "Non-compliant Client code"? Please help me with the resolution

I followed the steps to complete the KYC validation: What is the process to verify KYC details (email and mobile number) registered with KRA? - Upstox Help Center.

I found that my account was registered under the “NDML KRA”. when I went on the NDML KRA website for KYC validation (Client_Initiated_KYC_Web).

The phone number coming there was incorrect. Please help on how to correct the contact number there??

Hey @gargnehann,

We request you to raise a ticket with the correct mobile number here: https://uptx.to/tikt along with the screenshot of the KRA portal where you observed the incorrect mobile number, and share the ticket number with us. This will facilitate further investigation and help us address the issue effectively. Thank you.

I raised the ticket already. Where to track the same. I am unable to find the raised ticket anywhere.

Hi @gargnehann,

You can check your email inbox through which you raised the ticket. There you must have received an acknowledgement email along with the ticket ID.