Updates in Web Version

It is heartening to know that changes are happening in the Web version of UPSTOX. First, it is now possible to see F&O option chain charts. Then recently, in the Portfolio section, we are able to see not only daily P&L but also overall P&L along with invested value. In the Positions section we are now able to see overall P&L in addition to daily P&L.

Request that for Options Positions, groupings be allowed to see our P&L for a particular group strategy. For Portfolio, Realised profit and Total Return (Current Return+Realised Profit) along with XIRR be displayed. This will give a real picture as to where one stands wrt her/his Portfolio.

Hope my above suggestions are found to be useful.

Hi @Mahesh_Shah,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback!

We have noted down all your suggestions and passed it on to the Product team.

Please let me know what your product team thinks.

They have duly noted down your suggestions.