May 2023: Tools to power your trades

We’re back with our 3rd edition of Upstox Product Updates! This time, we have some major updates for you. We spoke to a lot of traders and realised that they had to switch between multiple platforms to track trading opportunities. Keeping this as our central thought while updating the app, we have launched features that will serve you with all the necessary information, within the app!

So here we go!

:gear:F&O Global Indices (Android)

The global indices have a high correlation with the Indian indices, and tracking them everyday is crucial for traders. And so we now have all the major international indices, providing near real-time data to help you plan your trades in advance. This feature will enable you to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the global market movements, all within the app. So now no more switching apps!

Here’s a list of all the newly added global indices!

:gear:FINNIFTY Data Analysis (Android)

In addition to the existing data for NIFTY50 and BANK NIFTY, you can now access a wider range of data points for FINNIFTY, including Open Interest (OI), OI changes, Put-Call Ratio (PCR), and Maximum Pain. This will help you understand market sentiment, analyse trends, and identify patterns to make informed trading decisions, all in one place.

:gear:UpGuide (Android only)

UpGuide is a newly launched notifications service that provides reactive insights based on your recent trades. This is only available for NSE F&O and will nudge you with areas of improvement in your trading journey. This notification is on by default. If you wish to switch it off, go to ‘Settings’ and toggle off. We suggest you keep it on as UpGuide will provide you with valuable insights to make informed trading decisions like:

  • Personalised notifications based on your trading activity to minimise losses
  • Personalised suggestions to improve your trading style
  • Insights into common trading mistakes and how to avoid them

:gear:F&O Smartlist (iOS)

iOS users! Now you too have access to all the F&O Smartlists! Discover which F&O contracts to trade in or the correct strike price to select with our Smartlists like - Top Traded, Most Active, OI gainers, OI losers, etc.

Now, time for the smaller but equally important updates!

  • Buy orders in Options Intraday are now available for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY
  • 100% margin (after 10% haircut) can be used for trading if you pledge ETFs like LiquidBees, LiquidETF and ICICLIQ
  • You can now place Equity Intraday orders in 790 stocks(we’ve moved it up from 490 stocks)
  • Stocks that you can pledge for have now been increased from 450 to 690
  • All issues related to GTT Stop Loss order triggers have now been resolved!

Thanks for coming along on this update adventure with us! Remember, keeping your app up-to-date is like giving it a shot of espresso – gives it the right boost! So, update your app, and keep discovering our gem-like features.

In case you missed out on our previous blog, here you go - April Edition!

Still on the old app?:thinking:

:point_right:If you’re using old Upstox app (blue): The new features are only available on the new Upstox app. Once you download the new app, login with your registered mobile number → Go to ‘Accounts’ tab at the bottom of the screen →Switch the toggle button to ‘Upstox Pro’ from the top of the screen.
Download new Upstox

:point_right: If you’re already using new Upstox app (purple): Directly go to ‘Accounts’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Switch the toggle button to ‘Upstox Pro’ from the top of the screen.
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Excellent updates! Loving the new Upstox! :heart:

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Glad you liked it! Keep adding your suggestions and feature requests in our “Feature request” category :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the detailed update @khushboo
Really happy that Upstox now has Global Indices within the app!


Hi, i request you to bring the view break down option like kite. For enabling us to see the historical purchases of the particular stock easily.

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Hi @Srinivas_Radhakrishn -
A little bit of good news with this. We already have that feature on the Invest side of our app and are planning to bring it over to the F&O/Pro side as well. We will let you know when this is ready!

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Wow. Just now i checked entire investor section is super cool. And i also appreciate your quick response.

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Glad that you liked it!

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