iOS 2.2.15: Powerful features to UP your trades & investments

iOS fam :rocket::zap:We’ve got exciting new app updates for you! Update your app to our latest build (2.2.15) to enjoy our latest features:

On Upstox Pro for traders:

:newspaper: A dedicated ‘News’ tab along with ‘Explore’ to watch Market Recaps, F&O Market Updates, Stock Watch, Bottomline, IPO videos and more!

:muscle: Multi-position square-off to exit many positions at once and save time!

:link: Enhanced Option Chain to track, analyse and trade in Options! Its power-packed with data points like India VIX, PCR, Max Pain, OI and more!

:man_technologist: QR code to quickly log in on our web platforms without a PIN

:earth_americas: FII and DII data on the ‘F&O Discover’ tab to track global indices and place informed trades.

On Upstox for investors:

:1st_place_medal: Gold Bond investments, they’re one of the best ways to invest in Gold because they offer dual returns - 2.5% interest + gold price appreciation which BTW is tax-free on maturity!

:gem: Wealth Tracker, a way to track your net worth across Stocks, Mutual Funds, Banks and other asset classes!

Not seeing these features yet? Stay tuned and ensure your app is updated to the latest version always :slight_smile:

Happy weekend,
Team Upstox