June 2023: Tools to power your trades

Hello Traders on Upstox!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest features! Here’s a summary of some of the all new features that will get your trading game to the next level:

UpLink: The API platform (open to all)

Our new API platform aka UpLink empowers you to build your own trading universe. Enjoy faster performance with the best request and response time in the industry. Check out available APIs for free here: https://upstox.com/uplink/

Uplink_2 (1)

Discover stocks to pledge directly from the app (Android)

We have introduced a new feature in the ‘Holdings’ tab of your ‘Portfolio’ section. Now, you can view and pledge stocks with just 2 clicks.

Pledge_v2 (1)

Live News Updates (beta version)

With this feature, traders and investors will receive curated news to manage trades better with real-time push notifications. This will give them a time advantage to quickly make investment or trading decisions.

F&O Discover (Web)

The F&O Discover section has already been rolled out on the app and now it’s also available on the web! This section offers valuable insights to help you make informed decisions. We’ve introduced Smartlists, OI charts, and major Global Indices to easily identify potential trading opportunities and manage risk. Altogether, the F&O Discover section provides an in-depth view of the F&O market to keep you ahead of the curve.


UX improvements in order entry for faster order placement

We’ve made some UX improvements for a better experience -

  1. Your last order preferences will be saved so that you don’t have to select every time, thereby managing time more effectively
  2. Quantity will be empty by default so that you can simply enter the desired quantity and place your trade
  3. Keyboard will be kept closed by default to manage time more efficiently

Order Slicing (Android)

Managing large orders has never been easier! Our auto order slicing feature divides large orders into smaller ones, allowing for more effective trade management.

Order Slicing (2)

These new features are built to help you manage your time more effectively while placing trades. Go ahead and check out these important updates only on Upstox!


how i can manage price alerts on mobile new app ?