April 2023: New Tools to Power Your Trades

Our team has been working hard to enhance the user experience and provide you with new and exciting features to make informed trading decisions. Here’s what’s new:

New Wallet Page (Android)

With the aim to be transparent, we’ve revamped our funds screen to make it more clear on the ₹ in your account! How have we done that?

  • When you sell stocks, 20% of the value is blocked until T+1. Customers thought that 20% of their profits disappeared, when in reality, it’s just part of the settlement cycle. We’ve made this more clear and upfront in our new design.
  • We’ve made it crystal clear to show how much ₹ can and cannot be withdrawn due to the settlement cycle.
  • We’ve broken down total cash into:
  • what’s available/unavailable to trade

  • what’s used in margin against any position or trade

  • Most brokers just show your collateral margin. We’ve revamped it to show you how much collateral can be used based on available cash and how much is utilised.
  • We’ve broken down your margin into margin blocked for F&O physical settlement and unrealized intraday loss.

UX Makeover: Everything you love from the old app is back

  • Based on your feedback we’ve moved market depth up. And brought back 52-week high and low data.
  • You can even view circuit limits and OHLC data upfront - no more scrolling!
  • The large font size LTP on the main summary screen has been removed!
  • Option Chain is now a separate tab
  • You can easily switch between charts and Option Chain
  • With separate tabs for Orders and Portfolio, track trades in fewer clicks
  • View all 4 metrics of your trades at once - Amount Invested, Current Amount, Total Returns and Today’s Returns

Position Analysis: Powered by Sensibull (Android)

The most awaited analysis tool is now available in Positions. You can analyse the payoff of all open positions in F&O using the analysis tool powered by Sensibull. It will allow you to -

  • Analyse your F&O positions
  • Estimate P&L based on your preferences
  • Observe max P&L and breakeven probability of profit
  • Experiment with Greeks, IVs and more

In-depth OI Analysis (Android)

A visual representation of open interest (OI) data that helps you analyse market sentiment, identify which strike price to trade in, and find new trading opportunities. For NIFTY and BANK NIFTY option contracts, we have the following key metrics:

  • Absolute OI: See the strike prices with maximum OI and easily find out support and resistance levels

  • Change in OI: Learn the change in call and put OI at different strike prices for a selected expiry

  • Put-call ratio (PCR): Know how many put option contracts are open versus call option contracts for a particular expiry.

  • Max pain: A theory which gives insight on the maximum loss (pain) to the highest number of options buyers. Alternatively, it also means a minimum loss to option sellers. Max pain graph indicates correlation between PCR and the Spot Price for a particular expiry.

Dedicated Content Section (Android)

We’ve brought all the latest news and updates along with insightful videos, all within the app! This will give you easy access to real-time, actionable and curated content on stock discovery. Think news. Think content. We have it all!

Small Updates

  • Experience faster screen transition from login to watchlist, scrip details and Order entry
  • Price alert on options now allows price input with a higher range
  • Order entry on Upstox Pro Web has been upgraded for a seamless experience between web and mobile
  • Increased the number of scrips from 200 to 450+ that can be pledged against margin

How can you access these features?

:small_orange_diamond:If you’re using old Upstox app (blue): The new features are only available on the new Upstox app. Once you download the new app, login with your registered mobile number → Go to ‘Accounts’ tab at the bottom of the screen →Switch the toggle button to ‘Upstox Pro’ from the top of the screen.

:small_orange_diamond:If you’re already using new Upstox app (purple): Directly go to ‘Accounts’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Switch the toggle button to ‘Upstox Pro’ from the top of the screen.

Happy Trading,

Team Upstox

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