New developments at Uplink (Upstox API)

Hello folks!

I’ve recently joined Upstox to build APIs and related applications. While I’m super enthusiastic about algorithmic trading and arbitrage strategies, I’m here to bridge the gap of what a broker provides and what a users like us need. Help me to ship out the best-in class features and specs!

We’re aiming to build our API stack to be the gold standard. While our utmost focus has been reliability & ultrafast execution, we’re also planning to add features and APIs for a much wider range of use and applications.

Earlier this week, we made major updates to our order execution latency and got it down at an average speed of 60mS. This is nearly a 40-50% boost to our previous speed. All systems were stable, and we’ll now be rolling out an even faster version to API users in the coming week. Stay tuned!

While we’ve planned some new additions to the API offering, (Yes! TSL is coming for API users), we would love to know more from the community and build with coherence.

Drop your most anticipated needs and we’ll update back on its shipping dates!

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TSL is coming for API users means???Can you provide a little more details?

Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) as an order type. Similar to how SL, SL-M and other order types work, TSL will also be offered. You will not need to write your own code for the same. Just set the parameters/values and it would be executed directly by our systems at RMS & OMS levels!

oh got it…Any plans to increase api limits?? :face_with_peeking_eye:

That has been a long time request. We’re on it! And would be coming up with more things along!

yes…please increase the 30m-1000 requests limit.
1)Also are there any possibilities for increasing the number of instrumentKeys which we can access via websocket??
2)Is there a way we can get full option chain via socket? similar to what we are getting from /option/chain .The current option_chain feature in socket is not providing much details
3) GTT orders

Yes, these are something that we’re working on at priority! Will be shipping them soon!

In addition to trailing stoploss if only there were trailing target price also which would close the position as soon as a target price has been hit…

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Great. Looking forward to new developments.

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@chandan22140 Duly noted!

Need option chain for MCX, atleast without the Option Greeks

@chaitanya Noted! How many instruments at once would suffice if its over a socket?

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No idea! I don’t use sockets :sweat_smile:
May be the same as NSE and others