Trailing Stop-Loss order

Hi team,

I see Upstox has added feature of trailing stop-loss on the web/mobile application. Do you plan to have this feature as part of API while placing order?

Please advise.

Thank you!


Where did you find trailing stop loss option in app? I didn’t find it in app anywhere.

Upstox team, do you have an update on this? Will we be able to place trailing SL orders via the API? It will be very helpful

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I would like to know the same. I have created a strategy that uses trialing stop loss but need to confirm if upstox supports it in API. Otherwise would Zerodha support it in API

TSL is not supported through API. Out of many apps, I’ve found only 5paisa which supports TSL

Thanks, how easy or difficult was the 5paisa api integration compared to upstox? Also does the market volume per platform affect the quick buy and sell speed?

Upstox API does not currently support TSL, but it is on our development roadmap. We will provide an update in this thread once we begin work on this feature.

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The speed does not depend on platform as all use the same exchanges in the backend. 5paisa is comparatively hard to integrate. The Documentation is too bad but the SDK is good. You can find SDK here. It has both Cover Order and Bracket Order with TSL