Trailing Stoploss in Upstox mobile app


I have been using Upstox both web and Mobile app, however, could not understand best way to trail stop loss. Can auto trailing be done? I have done manual SL, but felt something is missing.

Hello @UK_Mohit

Unfortunately, I have heard and read conflicting views on this! Brokers used to offer TSL through bracket orders which was discontinued during the volatile markets in 2020. TSL maybe considered algo trading because the price at which it executes is machine triggered and not human triggered. But there are some brokers who are offering this under their robo type trades. I haven’t found any regulatory evidence to support either reasoning. So not so sure about this!

Just to update you: Trailing SL is not available on Upstox at the moment but the good news is that it’s on our priority list. In the next 4 months it will be on the app :slight_smile: So stay tuned!

thanks for the update! :+1:

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makes sense might have pros and cons as well with auto TSL. But pls us posted! Appreciate your response.

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