Zero Brokerage orders via Uplink API V2

Now trade and invest using our new APIs in a coding language of your choice - Python, Java, PHP and many more! All orders placed via UpLink API Version 2 will be brokerage-free till 29th February 2024!

Enjoy better request and response time, improved success rates and negligible downtime

  • 10 requests/second for all APIs
  • WebSockets to fetch data for up to 100 symbols in one-go

Enjoy a revamped architecture with a secure underlying structure

  • Logins with two-factor authentication
  • TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) support
  • Daily expiring access token
  • Rate limited APIs for controlled access
  • OAuth mechanism for secure authentication
  • Encrypted user data

Integrate Upstox APIs for FREE in your application super fast by generating SDKs from a library of 10+ languages. Some popular types of APIs that you can integrate are:

  • Order management API
    To place, modify, and cancel orders on the exchanges. Get access to Orderbook and Tradebook for the same.

  • Historical Data API
    Access all time data for open, high, low and close prices with data on volume and OI.

  • Market Feed API
    Access live market data from all exchanges.

  • Portfolio API
    View open positions and demat holdings.

  • Funds API
    Get access to information on your trading account funds - Margins, Available to trade, collateral etc.

  • Profile API
    Access all details related to your profile and account information at one place.

How to get started?

Steps to generate SDKs

Upstox API Documentation

UPComing APIs: GTT order type, P&L Statement API, Basket Order Module and Payments Module

Excited to explore UpLink API Version 2? Discuss below and tell us your thoughts!

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How to use TOTP with UpLink API V2?
Any guideline updated in the documentation?

How to get code?
Reference: Upstox Developer API (V2) → Authentication Section

HI @jenish ,

To integrate TOTP with UpLink API v2

  1. Enable TOTP for your account by following the steps here.

  2. You would need to integrate the TOTP while using the UpLink API v2. There is no recommendation or sample code from Upstox at the moment. However, you can use open source code like these.

Hope this helps.

Hello @AbhishekRathore,

Point no.1 is good and acknowledged.

Point no.2 is the concern. Currently, UpLink API v2, redirects to login page and generate a code on authentication.

This code is required in next step to login, generate access token and start app.
Until code receives, nothing works forward.


Hi @jenish,

Upstox does not support or recommend 2FA login automation in light of guidelines from SEBI.

Thank you.