[SDK] Got Notification that Brokerage is free on v2 APIs however I am getting charged

Hi Team,

I got a notification on whatapp from Upstox that using API v2, there is no brokerage. However, I am already using that and see brokerage being charged to my account. Could you please advise.

Notification Received.

Unlock brokerage-free* trading with Uplink API V2 and supercharge your trades💜

1. Brokerage-free* until February 29, 2024
2. Up to 10 requests per second
3. WebSockets support for up to 100 symbols
4. 2FA Logins and TOTP support
5. Encryption of user data
6. Generate SDKs from a library of over 10 languages
7. Order management, Market Feed, Historical Data, Portfolio, Funds, and Profile APIs

*T&C apply - https://uptx.to/TNC_API
If you do not wish to receive these updates, reply with STOP

Thanks in advance.


We will verify this and get back to you as soon as possible. Please remain available for a few more questions should any arise.

Thank you!

Hi @RahulMittal87 ,

Can you share your UCC and order for which the brokerage was charged?

My Customer ID is 5FAEJX . You can refer to P&L statement of my account from 01-Sep-23 till date.

HI @RahulMittal87,

We checked details for your account and require confirmation from your end for the same

  1. Last successful order via API v2 for the account was on 14th Sept
  2. Brokerage has been reversed for your account on 6 days - 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 14th September.
  3. This can be seen in your ledger with details being mentioned as Being brokerage reversed of API trade placed on dd/09/2023 with the amount of brokerage reversed.

Please if you can confirm if you are able to see this in your ledger and if you have any queries for the same.

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Ah got it… Thanks @AbhishekRathore . I wasn’t referring the Ledger section.

Btw, is there a way I can subscribe to this offer lifetime :smiley:

Earlier, there were API charge + Brokerage Charge. Right now both are free right?

Hi @RahulMittal87 ,

There are no charges on API V2 usage.

Also Brokerage is free for trades via API till 29th February, 2024.

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