Product Update - January 2024

Hello folks!

Have you taken a look at our January product updates?

Let us quickly summarise some major updates for traders and investors below!

What’s up on Upstox for Traders? :face_with_monocle:

:gear:P&L Alerts (Android)
Set alerts for your selected positions and get timely alerts to cut losses and safeguard profits.

:gear:Revamped P&L Reports with Heatmap View
Explore your daily gross P&L in a user-friendly calendar format, allowing easy month-to-month navigation and the ability to add and view trading notes directly. Gain deeper insights with additional parameters such as Winning trades, Losing trades, and Profit Factor. Analyse P&L trading parameters at a day level and compare performance trends with just a single click.

:gear:Customised time intervals on TradingView web (
We’ve added a custom time interval feature on the TradingView platform to help you with your analysis at your preferred time frame.

:gear:View Order, Positions and Holdings with the scrip details summary
Scrip details are empowered to show you all Open orders, Positions and holdings within the Summary view to review and act quickly, thus saving you time.

What’s up on Upstox for Investors? :face_with_monocle:

:gear:Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)
Enhance your fixed income portfolio by incorporating Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) for superior returns through corporate bonds.

:gear:Stock SIP Autopay
Stay away from the hassle of monthly manual payments! Enable seamless recurring investments in Stock SIPs with the ease of Autopay via UPI.

While these were some major updates, check out all the updates on our blog.

Visit here: Tools to Power your Trades!

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@Ishaque When there is feature of chart autosync?
Requesting from last 6months. Also please add custom timeframe option for mobile app also

Hey @amol_pawar,

Thanks for your suggestions. These features are already in our roadmap and should get rolled out by June 2024. Stay tuned :slight_smile: