🎉 NEW FEATURE: Upgraded Option Chain

Hey Pro Traders🙌

We’re thrilled to unveil our revamped Option Chain, it’s the only Option Chain you’ll need!

  1. With the power to view both Calls and Puts on a single screen or just Calls or just Puts. Now easily compare, evaluate both sides of the Options Market, and make lightning-fast decisions!

  2. We’ve loaded the option chain with power-packed data points such as PCR, Max Pain and India VIX. So you don’t need to worry about switching tabs anymore. You have all the data you need - on a single screen!

  3. And now you can customise Option Chain as you like it! View, reorder and hide data points relevant to your trading style. Change the Option Chain as per your strategy!

  4. You can even place orders directly from the same screen. No more navigating through different windows, wasting precious time. Take immediate action and make winning trades like never before!

  5. Ready to catch the market action in real-time? Our Option Chain comes packed with integrated OI charts that provide valuable insights and simplify order placement. Stay ahead of the game, make informed moves, and maximise your profits!

  6. But wait, there’s more! We’ve added a vibrant colour differentiation feature that instantly captures your attention. Quickly identify different contract types at a glance, giving you the edge you need to make swift and precise decisions. Seize opportunities, ride the trends, and trade like a pro!

  7. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary upgrade! Elevate your trading game with the new Option Chain on Upstox. It’s time to take control, amplify your success, and embrace a whole new level of trading excellence.


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please add this option chain for web version also.
it will be more helpful.
thank you


Please add the feature of percentage change in position section real time change
In percentage, in web as we’ll as app, it would great for us. We have to calculate the
P&L in percentage basis.

I hope this feature i will able to see soon.

Kashish Gawray.

Hi @pallavsatyadev,

Thanks for the suggestion. We are actively working on bringing this experience to the web as well.

Stay tuned for our updates!

Hi @Kashish,

Thank you for you suggestion. We are working on the next set of amazing features which also include tracking and managing active positions.

Please stay tuned for this update.

please add option chain in Nifty Mid Select.

Hi @Profittrading,

Welcome to the Upstox community!

This feature is on our roadmap and we are working on it to enable it soon. Thanks for your suggestion.

HI, How we can fetch option chain data through upstox API?

@Gaurav_Singh_Yadav The option chain data via the Upstox API is currently not available. However, it’s on our roadmap and in the planning stages. Rest assured, you will be promptly informed as soon as it becomes available.

@Gaurav_Singh_Yadav We’ve launched our Option Chain API’s, which is comprised of two sections:

We welcome you to test them out and share your feedback.