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@Ashishupstox - I don’t appreciate the insinuation of this last reply. A trader that burns through their capital can’t trade anymore; I would much rather someone trade less frequently but profitably than frequently but unprofitably. Keep in mind, there isn’t a single way to trade: we have scalpers, day traders (ex: directional, momentum, statistical arbitrage), BTST/swing traders (ex: directional trades, non-directional trades, volatility arbitrage, event trading), and positional traders (ex: equity option writing, convergence trades).

What is consistently true about trading is that capital management, risk management, and emotion/impulse management are absolutely critical for long-term success. IMO, the kill switch isn’t a “time for me to go home for the day” button after I’ve hit some max gain or loss; this isn’t something to be used on a daily or weekly basis. I do recognize that there are at least two types of overtrading:

  1. “Pushing” a few too many times after a good day (or a bad day to make a comeback).
  2. “Swimming against the tide” multiple days in a row when the markets don’t align with your trading tactics.

For me, the far bigger concern is the second one – there is a huge difference between a suboptimal trading day and bleeding capital when the markets aren’t going your way. I am open to considering a different time period and we can do a research study in addition to collecting more data to determine which is the best. However, there is rarely “one” best. What will be the best for the majority will unfortunately be suboptimal for others.

Thanks for your detailed reply.
I certainly see some good updates from.upstox.

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