New Feature Request

Hello Team Upstox,
I would like to know Why the lot size for Bank Nifty is limited only 900 quantity and not 1800 like Fin Nifty and Nifty 50.
It would be good if you increase it.

Is there any plant to do so ?

Also I would like to have Fin Nifty option chain in old Upstox application. Can it be possible?

Hi @Ashishupstox -

The quantity is limited due to NSE ‘Freeze Limits’. The current limit as of 1 September 2023 is 900 for Bank Nifty and 1800 for FinNifty and Nifty. In our new Upstox app, we offer ‘Order Slicing’ - a feature that will let you place an order for a higher quantity, but we break it down into smaller order sizes that are below the exchange freeze limits. We also offer the FinNifty option chain on our new app. We have no plans to bring these features to our legacy application.

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Thanks for the information.
I know we have Fin Nifty option chain on New app, But it would be great interface for me if I get it on Legacy App.
Because when I am outside of my home setup, I need to use both the apps at a time for better trading.

Hello Team Upstox,
Can we get the feature in upstox app to see multiple charts at a time like it’s there on web.

Hey @Ashishupstox,

Thank you for your suggestion. We have taken a note of it and passed it on to the concerned team.

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Hi Team Upstox
Is this point noted ?
Old app is having a good simple user interface to take a quick trades.

Hi @Ashishupstox,

Could you please share your UCC (Unique Client Code) with us so that our team can get in touch with you to discuss ways to improve your trading experience in the new app. Thank you.

Kindly provide me mail id where I can share My UCC code. I will send it over there.

Hi @Ashishupstox, Could you please raise a ticket here: with the relevant details? Once you do, share the ticket number with us and we will share your details with the concerned team right away. Thanks.

I have created a ticket. Please find ticket I’d here.
ticket ID - 8170345