🎉 NEW FEATURE: Explore Basket Orders

Hey Pro Traders!:raised_hands:
As we sifted through your feature wish-list, one request resonated strongly: Basket Orders. Here is a sample of what you’ve told us:

“App is the best but when are you introducing basket order feature?”

“The basket order option could be very helpful to all users, please try to include it in future updates.”

“This update is great but you should need to add features like basket order.”

Guided by your insights, we’ve meticulously crafted a robust Basket Order feature on Upstox designed to simplify and supercharge your trading experience.

Presenting: Basket Orders on Upstox - Execute 20 Orders in a Single Click!

:alarm_clock: Trade Faster, Reduce Errors
Set up your trades in advance, kick back, and let them execute when the conditions are right. No more frantic trading, fewer slip-ups.

:calling: Manage Orders on the Go
Stocks, Options, or Currencies – with Upstox, you can set up to 20 orders and keep tabs on them in real-time.

:money_with_wings: Clear Margin Views
Know your capital needs upfront for an individual order or a whole basket. Here’s a pro-tip: ordering sequence can fetch you cool margin benefits. So, buy first, sell next!

:bar_chart: Simplified Trade Insights
Peek into your live basket positions with P&L charts. Opt for stop-loss, profit-target orders and add existing positions to keep losses at bay.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Let’s learn how you can get started with Basket Orders→

:purple_heart: Name the Basket: Kickstart by giving your basket a name

:shopping_cart: Add to Basket: Look for stocks, futures, or options and add them into your basket.

:gear: Detailing is Key: Set the price, quantity, order type

:books: Load Up Till 20: Fill up your basket with up to 20 orders

:moneybag: Check Before You Check Out: View upfront margins to make decisions

:rocket: Ready to launch? Once you execute a basket, all orders will be sent to the exchange for execution.

:bar_chart: Keeping Up With Your Basket: Monitor, Modify, Manage basket orders easily.

  1. Monitor orders’ status in the Basket after execution. Click on the refresh button to update the status.
  2. Modify or retry any failed, rejected, open orders by clicking on the order in executed mode. Click “Reset” to stop tracking status and prepare to place another set of orders from the basket.
  3. Use the Manage Button to delete, rename, or clone basket orders. Check any order executed via basket in the “Regular” Orders section specially denoted with “Basket” tag.

🗙 Auto-delete: Delisted stocks, expired contracts will be automatically deleted from the basket.

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