Important feature missing!

I use in desktop , we can place orders via charts there but how much margin required / total price of order etc. is not shown there… This is very common and basic feature , how can upstox miss this ?? we can only select shares quantity and place order , where is total order price ??

When adding this , please also add baskets in , create/edit/execute baskets

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Hi @Rakshit,

Please note that there is a switch in settings from where you can enable ‘review order’. It will give all the details about charges etc. Do not enable the ‘instant order placement’.

Please refer to the below images for a better understanding:

Regarding the basket feature that you requested, we have taken it as a feedback and passed it on to the concerned team. Thanks.

No that isn’t the same as what the OP asked… I also miss this feature badly… The margin required for a particular trade should be visible on the very first screen not on a 2nd review screen…

See how Zerodha does it…

Upstox, come on!!! Now, please don’t tell us you’ve to be told even these petty things!

Who all are the product designers? Or we, the customers are designing your products?

Why are they not thinking about the product???
Or is Upstox cutting corners by not having good designers?

There is something called “Industry Standard”. At the very least, be there!!!

See how ShareKhan has it: