🎉 NEW FEATURE: Order Slicing

Thank you for your detailed feedback.
I hope we will see a great features on upstox soon.

Regarding spectacular days for trading I accept the fact. But after all it will be the individual decision to Tut P&L based lock. So atleast having this feature will be the additional option to take decision. Individual will have option to decide at least.
Surely it will cut down brokerage paid to upstox but it will give you trading users for even long term.

Hello Upstox Team,

Is it possible to have a GTT order like feature where we can place an order on market price and then our stoploss and target should get automatically placed at defined percentage of values at whichever we got market order.

Mostly people do it by using script or algo trading platform but sometime it has delay in order placement or it failed to execute stoploss or target properly.

So if we have this feature on upstox itself then it would be great.

Can we make it more useful by adding time based disabling trading segments.
Means if I want to keep my tradings segments to be enabled only from 9:30 to 10:30am and 1pm to 2pm only.
Then can it be done.
This will help me to do trade only in my defined time.

Hello upstox Team,
Is it possible to have buy sell buttons for strike price on option chain . As shown in image ?

Hi @Ashishupstox,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will surely consider it.

Hi @Ashishupstox,

Thank the user for suggestion, we are looking into this requirement.

Hi Team,
Is there any update on when kill switch feature is coming to upstox ?

And will upcomming kill switch feature have time based disabling of segments ?

Hi @Ashishupstox,

The feature will roll out by the end of October or the first week of November. The users will be able to disable segments for at least 12 hours. So yes, time based disabling will be available.

Thanks for update

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As per your previous comments, Team upstox have missed even second deadline of bringing segments disabling feature.
So looking at this I think Team upstox is really not intrested in bringing kill switch feature?

So what is your next deadline :slight_smile:

Hi @Ashishupstox,

Please note that the kill switch feature is set to be released after Diwali. We will notify you once it rolls out. Thanks.

After Diwali is too generic answer now :slight_smile:
Can you be more clear on target date.

Hi @Ashishupstox,

The feature is in the final stages of testing and the tentative timeline to get it released is by the fourth week of November.

Thanks for your update.

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Hi @Ashishupstox,

We are happy to inform you that the Kill Switch feature is live on Upstox. Please use it and let us know what you think. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for bringing up Kill Switch feature.
It’s working fine to disable segment for 12 Hrs.

As an additional point can we bring a change in it so that we can decide for how many Hrs we shall disable the segments.

Hi @Ashishupstox,

We have taken this as a feedback and passed it on to the concerned team. Thanks.

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Hi Team Upstox
In gtt orders when we place immediate gtt market order by deciding stoploss and Target in term of percentage, These calculated percentage value won’t change as per the actual price at which our order is placed.
Based on actual price at which order got placed, the stop loss and Target price should be changed based on percentage decided and actual price at which order placed.

Are you planning to bring this important change ?

Hi @Ashishupstox,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Currently, we take the absolute values based on the price you entered and do not calculate the percentage based on the price at which your primary leg was traded. Your suggestion is a good one, however, we might have to check its feasibility with our tech and compliance team before we plan to introduce it. Thanks once again:)

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