Missing Strikes or Intentional?


Upstox only lists 200 strikes in MID CAP NIFTY JAN 01, 2024 expiry.


However, ShareKhan I see the full list available:


Is this intentional or some bug. If intentional, please let us know the logic how strikes are chosen for API / Instrument file / for the trading day.
I understand that brokers don’t let customers trade in illiquid instruments (this is classic catch22 problem). However, kindly share the logic of choosing illiquid strikes if that is the case.


Hi @srkabra56,

We receive a file with list of instruments from exchange at the beginning of the day with different classification. We allow the ones with Active status or the ones being traded on exchange that day.

Hope this helps.

thanks @AbhishekRathore . Is this process automated? as in, a software based on “active status” filters out strikes and we receive them or some human looks into it and decides?

Can you please publish such things so we know what all risks are hidden in the system when we design an application for trading with Upstox?

All these question asked which are related to system design decision, should ideally be documented and integrated with the main API documentation so who ever designs a system can just read through it and know the decisions made at Upstox’s end.

Going through community forum for people asking various questions at different timelines (and you guys would have to keep answering them, time and again when each user wants to discover behind the scene things) - time and efforts saved for both of us.

Let’s aim for maximum harmony and co-ordination between us. We both (developers and Upstox developers) need to be on the same page to make this a success! For example my question was answered after 7 days and other questions are still not answered.

This way my development would just be forever! come on!!!?


@srkabra56 - yes, the process is automated without human intervention.

Since the details from exchange are not available to majority of the users, the “Active” status will not have a valid reference to all.

To keep it simple and straightforward for our users we have mentioned in the documentation that all the instruments being traded on Upstox on that particular day are published in the list daily.