Incorrect data for MIDCPNIFTY 11800 CE 08-Jan-2024 Expiry


I’m seeing trades on MIDCPNIFTY 08-Jan-2024 11800 CE from October 2023 !!!

This being weekly strike, it was not even open at the time!!
This definitely is an issue with data.

I checked on ShareKhan and Aliceblue. It was only traded on Jan 8th and 5th 2024 there.



We might have issue with Upstox data. I only checked this strike and contract.


Is anyone even auditing the data we’ve at Upstox?

With such instances, I now cannot blindly rely with what Upstox puts up. We need to put in processes and software in place to compare with different brokers.

Ideally there shouldn’t be a need. But just because Indian brokers come up with not-so-good design and quality focused processes at their end - we need to work really hard to focus on things other than strategy. sad!

Hi @srkabra56,

We acknowledge your inquiry. Our team is currently conducting an internal investigation on this. Based on the data available as of now, it appears that an edge-case scenario caused this incident in our system.

Additionally, we are in the process of implementing and monitoring procedures to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future. Thanks for your understanding!

Upstox Data on charts are not reliable and I am saying this from many times.
Previously two times, I have posted two times previously that rates are not matching to the market as shown on Upstox charts. All other brokers and even TV having Same data on charts as NSE website, but upstox charts says another story.
I am not trying to spread negativity against Upstox, Even I am continuously using Upstox for trading. But I hope that Upstox will fix these issues soon. My personal Problems are mentioned below.

  1. Charts are not accurate, specially 1st hour of the market.
  2. Upstox charges brokrage for delivery trades due to which, I have my full portfolio on Zerodha and Only few Pennystocks with upstox.
  3. Upstox site is not Good. No Improvements from a long time. Visually, It’s very disappointing.
  4. Can’t Check previous trades easily and no option for checking Daily, Weekly or Monthly PnL.
    Only the good thing is, Upstox is listening to our querries and very improved from last few years.
    Requesting Upstox to please come with some inthusiastic version and Charting issue should be resolve ASAP.

Hello @Thestoploss,

Thank you for your comprehensive feedback. We have received feedback about charts and are currently exploring root causes.

Our dedication is to enhance both the investing and trading experience and as you’ve noted, have been actively addressing current gaps. Within the past few months, we’ve added one of the most demanded features by customers - the Kill Switch feature which empowers users to disable segments and prevent impulsive decisions.

We’ve also introduced P&L alerts, P&L reports with a heatmap, and custom time intervals on TradingView web. Additionally, we’ve rolled out manual average price updates for transferred shares, and this month, anticipate the launch of the trailing stop-loss feature.

Thanks for the reply.
May be I have missed to check the updates about the Heatmap of P&L. But I have checked it now and glad to see that It is working fine.
But as a user, I suggest few amendments in that.

  1. Details of every month should be there. When we click on particular month, Data of 1 month should be displayed.

  2. Heatmap should enabled with P & L Popup when we scroll on particular date. Why I am saying, because, If I wanted to check my most Profitable day or most worst day, Without checking all the dates no one can found those details. If color coding will be provided as dark color denots the most and light color denotes the least green day or red day can be helpfull also.

  3. If You can provide any tab for this “P&L Heatmap” on home screen window, Believe me, you will be the 1st broker who provides this thing. Although Dhan having the same feature in his Initial screen but no shortcut for that.
    Rest I will be keep asking for new usefull updates all the time. If My demands are worthless, Please let me know infront. I will love to accept my mistakes.

Hey @Thestoploss,

Thanks for your suggestions. Your insights truly matter, and we’re committed to making things better. We’re passing this on internally for a review. We will work on them in the upcoming releases. Stay tuned for updates.

If this helps, this is also occurring on BSE FO (updating this thread thinking this may be a different code path - so a fix is also needed on this path if at all)

Again, this is a weekly contract and Upstox is shows prices from September 2023.