GTT order not placed even after trigger

Id is 6SARC7
I placed GTT order of MidCap Nifty 10700CE at ₹130 buy price and 145₹ Target and 118₹ as SL.
My order got triggered, price gradually increased and went up to ₹175.
My Target was also met and buy price also got triggered but still no quantity bought.
I could have made money.
This is not the first occurrence, earlier before I had this problem. You can check the record.

Don’t give me lame excuse that order sent to exchange and was open. It’s not the first time. In past as well I have complained this (order not executed).
Everytime I get response as exchange order open.

Is it me only whose order don’t get placed by exchange. This GTT is pathetic for me.
Why order not got executed.
This is the second time I am facing this.

Hi @Kaushik_Pandey,

Thank you for connecting with us.

Upon reviewing the details of your GTT order for MidCap Nifty 10700CE and the market trends, we can confirm that your GTT order at ₹130 was indeed triggered at 11:17 AM. However, it appears that the price did not subsequently dip to trigger your primary buy order at ₹130 again, resulting in the non-execution of your GTT order.

Orders are sent to the exchange, and execution depends on seller availability. In this case, since there were limited trades, your order may not have been executed.

You can validate this information by checking with the Exchange too. Additionally, you can use our price checker tool at Trade Price Checker – Verify the NSE Trade Price Online – Upstox for further verification.

In case you need more help, feel free to raise a ticket here: and we will reach out to you soon.

Hi Vishal,
Thanks for your kind reply.

I have one doubt here. I placed order under “when price is above” ₹130. So it should get executed at market price when LTP crossed ₹130.
Right ??

Or I am missing something ?

Hi @Kaushik_Pandey ,

When the price of the option touched ₹130, the GTT order was placed at ₹130 and sent to the exchange. Once sent, the order gets placed depending upon the seller availability. You can read more about it here: What type of conditions can be selected while placing GTT orders? - Upstox Help Center

Also, you can learn more about GTT orders here: GTT order - Upstox Help Center We hope this helps.