GTT Order Not Executed. Limit triggered and Target achieved

I placed GTT order for FINNIFTY 21050 PE (5 March) at limit of ₹185 and Target 210₹. Limit price got triggered and also Target price was also achieved. But my order didn’t get executed.

User id:- 6SARC7

Attaching Screenshot for reference.

Hey @Kaushik_Pandey,

Thank you for providing the details.

Your buy order at ₹185 was triggered and sent to the exchange, currently, it’s in open status. Once your primary order hits on or below ₹185, your order will be executed.

The target sell order of ₹210 will only get triggered once your primary buy order gets executed.

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I placed order at 9:51. My trigger price got hit at 9:54. But order didn’t get placed. My Target also got triggered. I could have easily made ₹1000.

Order gets placed at 12:49 at ₹185 (my limit price).
it went down to 120. Giving me loss of around ₹2600.

My question is why my order not get placed at 9:54 only ?? When Target was hit, it should execute.

It executed second time when market came at 185. And then I lost my 2600₹.

Pathetic. Kindly help me with this . How to proceed and lodge complaint. How I can get my loss recover?As my order was supposed to get placed at 185, market hit 184. Then why not my order got placed at that time. If it was executed then, I would be in profit.

Answer this please.

What’s the use of GTT then if I am losing ₹3600 due to error in order execution.

I lost my 3600₹. Help me out please.

Attaching Screenshots

Other screenshots.

Hey @Kaushik_Pandey,

When an order is placed, it is sent to exchange immediately. Execution depends on market depth (buyer/seller availability). Notably, the data indicates that your primary buy order was executed at 12:49 PM as the sellers were available only at that time.

For further verification, you can use the trade price checker here: Hope this helps.