Regarding GTT Order

I did one order in which target got hit but when the market closed, the last traded price of that stock is less than the target, so why that order gets cancelled ?

can someone please help in this.

Hi @Rajat_Rawat,

Could you please share more information about your order details?


Hi @Ushnota ,
I understand upstox has made GTT simple by just having option to choose whether price is above or below a selected price. That means limit buy and trigger price are same. But mostly, during brekouts price hits the set level and jumps. By the time order is sent to exchange, it remains open as a limit order. Many times, the price never returns to the limit price also.
Can we have option to put separate Limit and trigger price. In that way , it will be easy to set price as per requirement. If someone wants the same, they can set same limit and trigger price.