WHY SGBs , Govt bonds and Govt securities not considered as cash component equivalent in UPSTOX while pledging?

WHY SGBs ,Govt bonds and Govt securities not considered as cash component equivalent in UPSTOX while pledging?


As per current RMS policy, SGBs are part of the equity collateral list. However, you might see changes in margin pledge regarding this soon.

Thank you for sharing your concern and feedback with us.

I am trading in upstox account with maintaining cash margin against pledged collateral…(50-50)

If SGBs and Govt bonds considered as cash equivalents,which would be more beneficial …

Pls look into it…Other brokers are providing the same .

Thank you …

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Thank you for your feedback. We will look into it.

I can’t see my SGB holdings in Portfolio,
Actions section in profile says “track this in portfolio”.

Hi @shrey_ashok,

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If you have received the allotment, you can see it in the holdings report. You can check all the details here: How can I check my holdings ? - Upstox Help Center

Forget about SGB n GSECs , Upstox has changed 5 ETF from cash equivalents to non cash where 50:50 cash collateral ratio is required .

That too without any notification to clients .


I am stupid to be with them for last 8/9 years


Better to look for other brokers where we can get Cash equivalent as SGBs and ETFS …

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Hi @subs ,

we have not stopped these services. Could you please share your UCC here and we can get in touch to discuss this further?


please note SGB and ETF’s are considered under cash components. If you would like to discuss this further please share your UCC and we will reach out to you.

“My UCC code is 6HBANP. I had SGBs in my Upstox account but later sold them and continued trading with FYERS. In Upstox, SGBs are not considered as a cash component. I currently have a balance of over 2 lakhs in my account. If SGBs are considered, I am planning to invest immediately. Please confirm.”

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Yes, we do consider SGB as a cash component in collaterals. Let us know in case if you have more questions regarding this, thanks.

Thank you.
Today, I am applying for SGBs. If not considered as a cash component, I will post here. I had a similar experience three months ago, where it wasn’t recognized as a cash component. I posted a thread in this community on Oct 3. Later, I withdrew the money from upstox and invested it in Fyers(attached screenshot of
profit n fyers). At that time, 1 gram was priced at 5873; now it’s 6100+. Over 4 lakh of my money is currently just lying in Upstox, awaiting the inclusion of a cash component for collateral. If this had been considered earlier, it would have been more profitable. As a leading broker, Upstox could have implemented this before others did. Unfortunately, Upstox is the last broker to adopt this. Regardless, if it happens now, I will be grateful. Thank you

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i cant give it in open forum .

i Cant give ucc in open forum

pls share ur email id , or how can i dm u ?

cos this i what been told to me by your call centre repeatedly( You can cross check )


As confirmed earlier, yes, your SGBs would be considered as cash collateral in the system. In case you face any issue, feel free to write back to us. Thanks.

Hi @subs,

I have DMed you. Please check and share your UCC there on DM and our team will get touch with you. Thanks.

done plc check n get back to me

Got it. Our team will get in touch with you soon, @subs. Thanks.