Margin Pledge: List of cash equivalent and collateral equivalent entities

Hello Upstox,

I’m having difficulty finding a list that includes script names, haircuts, and specifies whether it’s collateral margin or cash equivalent margin. Could you please provide this information or direct me to a page where it’s available? Thank you.

Hey @Madhur ,

we’re here to assist you. To know about the haircut percentage and list of shares eligible for pledging, login to the app, click on ‘Account’, Go to ‘Profile’ > Click on ‘My account’ > Go to ‘Actions tab’ > Click on ‘Margin Pledge’ > Click on ‘List of eligible scrips’. These lists are updated regularly. Learn more about Margin Pledge here: & find FAQs at Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other queries.

Okay this helps. I have pledged both kind of scripts, cash equivalent as well as collateral margin ones. Can you please tell me where can I see the split of total margin received into cash equivalent margin and collateral equivalent margin