🚀 Upgrade your app to Android 2.2.18 and enjoy these features!

:bell: We’ve got some exciting updates for you! Now enjoy enhanced app alerts and notifications along with the following features on our 2 modes - Upstox Pro for traders and Upstox for investors:

What’s new on Upstox Pro for traders:

:shopping_cart: 20 Orders in one click with our Basket Order feature that provides upfront Margin visibility

:bar_chart: Weekly BSE Currency derivative contracts will now be available for you to trade

What’s new on Upstox for investors:

:purple_heart: A revamped ‘Homepage’ to get quick portfolio insights and understand your net worth at a glance

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Availability of BSE Stocks to invest in

:sparkles: Revamped ‘Mutual Fund’ section featuring a fresh user experience that’s easy to navigate, learn and start investing

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