Unable to load multiple chart tabs

Hi Team,

I am using https://tv.upstox.com for my trading and I usually use the multiple chart tabs for my trading.

Example a chart with two tabs - One for Banknifty 45600CE and Banknifty 45600PE

However, I am unable to load multiple tabs, if I change one chart tab to Banknifty 45600CE, both tabs change to Banknifty 45600CE, unable to have two separate chart tabs with two different scripts. I have raised a support ticket “7870572” but no proper response. Hope someone in the community will be able to help.

Mahesh Kavalla

Hi @Mahesh_Kavalla,

Thank you for sharing your Ticket ID.

Our team will look into it and get in touch with you.

Hi @Mahesh_Kavalla,

We checked the details. And found out that your Sync In Layout setting is set to ‘Symbol’.

Can you please uncheck the ‘Symbol’ and check the ‘Crosshair’ in the Sync In Layout setting?

Here’s a screenshot for your easy reference:

Let us know once it’s sorted. Thanks.

Hi Ushnota,

Thank you very much, the issue is resolved.