Charts doesn't save & are not in sync with eachother

Charts settings reset automatically every time i reinstall app or clearing cache of app or web browser , saved settings & indicator reset to default on web.upstox and in tv.upstox too and these three platform charts are not in sync with each other kindly fix this .

Hi @Ajay,

We are not syncing the charts across the app yet.

However, this is in our roadmap and we will implement it soon.

When you uninstall and install the mobile app, all the saved charts vanish because it is only saved in the local storage. This is expected because currently we are saving the charts to cloud only on

For CIQ charts though, we plan to sync up between Android and web. We are happy to inform that the build is out and the rollout is in progress. Kindly wait for the rollout to complete and you can use this feature.