Feature Request

1- Give Auto save Settings, Drawing , indicator feature on cloud in TV charts on mobile & web and SYNCHRONISATION of saved settings , indicator & drawing b/w Mobile,Web and Tv upstox.

2-Give CURRENCIES & COMMODITIES option chain on Web platform & CURRENCIES options chain on Tv.upstox platform.


4-Dark mode for UPSTOX for INVESTORS

5-Replace Plus button on top with SEARCH :mag: icon on App & web.

6-Make Switching watchlist easier & minimalist, it is two click process now, make it one on both app & web.

7-Make Deletion of added script on watchlist on web one click process.

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Hey @Ajay,

Thanks for writing in. Saving charts on cloud is available. Chart synching and dark mode for investors is WIP and will be out soon. We will soon add option chain for commodities and currency on web. Volumes on option chain is released in the latest update. We have taken your feedback on the rest of the pointers and will share internally for review.

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Great list of feature requests👍

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Chart syn is must required feature and i am stiil waiting for this. Once available i will entirely shift my portfolio here in Upstox. Same thing i requested 6months back but still not available

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Hey @amol_pawar,

It is available on tv.upstox.com. Mobile chart synching is WIP and will be out soon. Stay tuned!

Need to add Upstox’s order window on tv.upstox

Hey @amol_pawar,

To access order review window on TV web, right-click anywhere on the chart, go to trade and click on create new order. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift+T.

To access order tab window on TV web, click on ‘Dashboard’ at the bottom left corner of the window, go to ‘Orders’.

Visit below links for more info:


This one i know already. I am asking for upstox’s default order window instead of tradingview’s. Some other brokers providing same feature over tv.

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Hey @amol_pawar,

We have noted down your suggestion and have passed it on for further evaluation. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us in case of any other queries or suggestions.

And increase price alerts too atleast 500

Hi @Pradhan ,

Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your feedback on price alerts. We are constantly working on improving our features, and I’ll make sure to pass along your request for consideration. If you have any more ideas or specific preferences, feel free to share, and we’ll do our best to enhance your experience.