TV.upstox need to upgrade

Hi @Upstox when can be more features be added on tv.upstox? If we check with other brokers which are already providing tv features, upstox need to give more attention on the features for tv.upstox like custom timeframe, default chart layout and etc.
There are plenty of features needs to develop.
Is there any timeline for this?

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Hi @amol_pawar,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Please do let us know which specific features do you want to see next and our concerned team will definitely look into it.

Custom timeframe is very much important and another one saving default chart template, currently it will not open default chart layout. We need to open it manually.
Also upstox’s own buy/sell window on tv.upstox

@Ushnota @amol_pawar MOST IMPORTANTLY web.upstox order placing window in Tv.upstox with available/required margin , charges, split order, stick order window functionality and implement in BID & ASK price ,option chain BUY SELL BUTTON & in PLUS button similarly the way fyers broker has implemented.
2- Maket depth data with DAY OHLC,VOLUME,LTT,LTQ ETC.

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I agree with this topic, where as dhan provide 75m, 125m from 12 months. And fyers too providing it with custom time frame.

Hi @Ushnota @Upstox is there any tentative timeline for this

For pro.upstox also default chart layout is not saving. Everytime when we login we need to setup chart layout from start. It will not load the chart layout last saved.

Hi @amol_pawar,

Thanks for your query. Currently, we are saving the charts only in local storage. If you are using Upstox Web in incognito window, then it will not be saved once incognito window is closed.

Additionally, if you clear the browser cache, then saved charts will vanish from the local storage.

But, in, we have started to save the charts in the server. So, you can retain it even when you clear the cache or open in incognito mode.

However, we can’t sync between different platforms yet. It’s on the roadmap and will come up in the future.

Chart sync is still awaited.


Almost 6 months has been passed from my request, still chart autosync is not there.
This is basic feature. Its provided by almost every broker and i think it is not that much difficult to implement.