Selecting multiple layout and saving layouts

Hi Team,

I am using and I have created multiple chart layouts and saved them, suddenly I see all my saved layouts are gone. I am unable use/create multiple tabs per chart, earlier I was able to setup 3 to 4 tabs with different charts as per my requirements. Is there any change in the product? This is becoming very difficult to trade as I am unable to get a single pane view of multiple layouts. Please resolve.


Hi @Mahesh_Kavalla,

Could you please share your UCC with us so that we can look into this issue in detail?


@Ushnota My UID is 4VAQ37

Any update on my request

I am also facing the same issue, now I am allowed to save only one layout in

Hi @Gautam_D,

We request you to reload the page to start saving a new layout. Since this is the behavior from the TV library, we unfortunately cannot change it. Thanks.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried reloading page before aswel as after saving a new layout, but after doing this when I go to 'Load Layout" tab on upstoxTV dashboard, I only see the first (Old) saved layout. its not saving new (additional) layouts. if i am mising any step, request you to please guide us with step by step explanation. thanks and regards, Gautam.

Hey @Gautam_D,

Please refer to the attached gif for instructions on saving multiple chart layouts within the app. Should you require any additional assistance, feel free to reach out. Thank you.


When will common wallet be live on UPSTOX… last i as asked months back you guys have said that it was work in progress…

Kindly Give tentative month atleast if possible…