Trading Recommendations

I would like to know whether Upstox provides daily trading/investments alert to Upstox members, if so, please share me the link. I have already enrolled with Upstox Telegram channel that provides daily market update, IPO, result etc. Moreover, the predefined Options Strategies in your app/web. Please advise whether I missed any of the useful educational contents from the Upstox team.

Hi @5LB5SW,
If you are subscribed to our Telegram channel, you are fairly well covered. We also post ideas on our Market Talk blog. Specific to F&O, we have this page on our blog. Some examples of recent content include:

Other educational content includes our UpLearn F&O course and Masterclasses. We are working on an array of new F&O educational content that will be rolled out in the next 1-2 months.

Hi @5LB5SW ,

We do not provide trading/investment ideas. All our major content goes live on our Telegram channel.