Upstox course spam

Upstox spamming hard for past few months for options training courses.

I asked support to stop them and they basically are saying you have to live with it. Not even, we will fix it in next week or so.

Just wanted to ask the community here, isnt this a problem for others ?

Does upstox has legal grounds to spam us however they see fit just because we use their platform?

It is getting to a point that I will be happy to move to a different broker just because of this annoying feature.

@Ankit_Agarwal - What specifically are you referring to? Are these in-app notifications, push notifications, SMS texts, emails, etc.?

Here is a bit of background on the option (and technical analysis) courses that we offer: The primary reason that option traders lose is lack of education. For example, the most common trade is simple long calls that by their very nature have a ~35-40% success likelihood if you trade them ATM. Many beginners will naturally gravitate towards a deep OTM contract simply because it is cheaper not understanding that they are cutting the probability of profit by 50% or more.

There are several core concepts that traders should understand to improve their chances of long-term success. While it won’t guarantee success, it will at least improve the odds by limiting common mistakes (that both beginners and non-beginners will make). The intent of our options courses is to expose traders to these concepts.

In app notifications, there are just too many of them. If you want to promote it to people who are interested, that’s fine, but I have zero interest in this course and I am not commenting on the quality of the course itself, but why do I have to constantly read 1-4 notifications per day about it?

Even as per upstox privacy terms it is mentioned that my personal info would be used only for intended purpose of trading then why force this on everyone?

Obviously I can’t disable notification from my phone since I would still like to get notification about trades.

So now it is use upstox and we will spam you or don’t. I would expect a bit more professionalism.

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Seriously this spamming is not bothering anyone else ?

Can someone who knows a bit more about government guidelines confirm if this is legal or not a broker forcing and spamming it’s customers with push notifications for courses with no way to disable them?

Hey @Ankit_Agarwal,

We have removed you from the list. You wont receive any notifications moving forward. Let us know if you any other concerns. Thanks.