Today's Option strategy

Any strategy for options today?

Hi @Luis39,

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend specific strategies.

However, you can check out our upcoming webinars on Options trading. Check the link here: Investor Masterclass - Upstox.

You can also read about Option Trading 101 from our UpLearn course. Check the link here: Option Trading 101 - Upstox.

Hope this helps you in creating your own strategy!

Hi @Luis39 ,

We encourage traders to upskill & learn about option strategies before taking any positions into the markets. We strongly discourage to follow any tips and recommendation from any source.

Following are the initiatives taken by us that would help you understand options trading better:

  1. Earnings strategies - We take cues from past earning’s and try to gauge the sentiments for the current one. More importantly, it helps you to understand what current traders are thinking about the stock’s movement pre and post earnings. (Eg : Options & Equity strategies: Hindustan Unilever - Upstox)

  2. We regularly conduct webinars to upskill your options trading journey. Check out the upcoming courses here : Investor Masterclass - Upstox

  3. Further, you can read more on options trading from our Option Trading 101 course : Option Trading 101 - Upstox

Happy trading!

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