Masterclass Series giving Comprehensive Coverage to derivative market literacy

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First of all, I would like to congratulate the whole team behind the Masterclass series. It is noticed that the team meticulously planned to prepare the relevant topic for Master Class Series. Earlier, I was using Zerodha Varsity content as my reference and your team developed excellent content like a live class room experience. Moreover, the knowledge imparting from Mr Milan and Chiraq are outstanding which took back to my old college days classroom. I am deeply impressed with their dedication and passion to impart knowledge to the attendees. In my view, your interactive session is adding more value to the attendees than Mr Raunaq who have have done great home work but something mission somewhere. It would be better if he can follow the same style of interactive lecture to ensure more value to the attendees. I am from Kerala and I have already informed my relatives/friends to make use of this great opportunity to learn financial literacy. Currently the market is highly volatile and those who are able to make the adjustment can reduce the loss and that will ultimately help them to improve return. I do admit that it is practically difficult to teach the technique of adjustment based on each situation but it would be helpful to provide a generic lecture series for popular strategies like Short Straddle, Short Strangle, Ratio Spread, Iron Condor, Covered Call and Iron Fly.

It is notified that each session material are available to refer up to 30 days from the date of each session. It would be better if you can maintain an archive to give access to the Upstox account holders to refer it whenever they need. As more and more demat account openings day by day, derivative market have great growth opportunity.

Wish you all the best for the entire team and I am confident that these webinar series can add more brand value to Upstox.

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Hello @5LB5SW. Glad to know that you are liking our masterclass! Hope you have registered for our future talks as well: Upcoming list:

Hello madam, I have attended dr. Chirag sha’s free webinar options advance and normal both classes. Now i am confused that whether should i take Dr.C Shas’s paid webinar classes for the same again ?
Bibek Roy


The concepts are relatively same but the way of explanation and examples might differ a little. It will be a 20 - 25% addition to the free webinars.

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Thanks sir for clearing my queries. @ Bibek