Need Webinar on full English or native language not HINGLISH

Dear team,
Your UpLearn initiative is great. But all your webinar on the technical analysis, F&O, are in Hindi. Im happy you guys doing in Hindi but for the people who don’t know Hindi well and have a account with you what they are supposed to learn. Kindly do the same topics in English or Native languages too. Last month also all the free webinars are in Hindi and this month also it’s been scheduled in Hindi language. Kindly consider educating others who can’t understand Hindi.

Thank you

Hi @venu29vinod ,

We conduct sessions in both the languages.
You can check out the next one that will be scheduled in English here : Investor Masterclass - Upstox

Please do check from your side. This month options classes in mentioned as HINGLISH and i attend last month session which said HINGLISH but it was more of HINDI. Kindly see the language that was mentioned here

Thank You