Stop Loss level automatically decreased for GTT

Hi Team,
For GTT Sell order, I had put trailing stop loss with gap 1 and the stop loss was at 11147.20 on July 3rd. However when I checked the Stop loss for the order today it was at 10947.20.
Ideally the stop loss should not decrease in sell order when we have trailing gap activated, either it should increase if CMP increases or stay steady at some level if CMP comes down. Can you check why this happened and adjust the trailing stop loss for this order. I have raised a request or ticket for this, no response so far.
If this is a persistent bug, then I am considering to chose other brokers.

Hi @manoj_kumar2

We understand the significance of this. Please be assured, we’re actively looking into this and will exert every effort to provide a resolution at the earliest. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience.

Additionally, someone from our team will call you to discuss this further.