Order failed.contract has matured from the exchange so no new order will be placed

Hi @Vikas,

In the case of currency, the contracts expire/mature at 12.30 PM on Friday, while the currency FO markets close at 5 PM. After the contract has expired, you can see the contracts but cannot place an order on it. The order gets rejected with the reason specified in the screenshot.

Hope that helps.

I have bought USDINR currency delivery at 0.0025 both put and call… 2000 shares each. I forgot to square off.
I Squared of late. My squared off orders got cancelled. Today was expiry.
What would happen to my 10000 rupees now??
Order position is showing 0.
Portfolio is showing 0. But funds are not there. :sweat::sweat::sweat:.

Can anyone suggest me what would happen next??