Need some Upgrade about Trading View charts

In Upstox Pro Mobile edition, TradingView charts are horrible. The corporate actions such as bonus, split are not adjusted. All timeframes are not available also. Some Brokers are giving full feature TradingView. Why Upstox are is not providing so…?

Hi @Arijha
Thanks for the feedback on this. Corporate action events for TV is live in Android, iOS, and on the web. What version of the app are you using? Also, is there a particular scrip that you noticed was giving you an issue because perhaps the corporate action event is missing on our side. For the timeframes, this is also in the newer versions of the app; are there additional timeframe(s) you would find useful?

In regards to features, many TV features are community-built/supported instead of directly provided by TV. These need to be integrated on a case-by-case basis. Is there a specific feature you are looking for?

@mike Sir, The above chart is of Eicher Motors. Chart Iq is okay, but TV chart is not adjusted. I am talking about the timeframes. All Timeframes are not available in TV.upstox. I am using latest version of Upstox Pro. Lastly the drawings that I have done in web app of TV.upstox are not being updated in Android app.

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Hi @Arijha -
I’ve asked the team to look into this. As an FYI, I’ll be sending you a DM to ask for your UCC so they can dive deeper. In terms of charts between the web and mobile, we currently store those locally/in-cache. We recognize that this isn’t a great experience and are working to store this on the backend in a future release.