Tradingview vs tv.upstox vs pro.upstox

Hello team,

I’m new to trading and i was watching some tutorials, where they used Tradingview chart. There were some things missing in tv.upstox chart, hence i’ve some questions ?

  1. Is the tv.upstox chart in upstox the same as the tradingview chart from ? (or did you made it from scratch and just gave it a similar feel)

  2. Some indicators from the tutorial are missing like Pivot Points High Low (these are present on the original

  3. Is tv.upstox different from pro.upstox. They are very similar (Note: Haven’t used many features)

  4. If they are different which one should i use and which one is the team currently working on to improve and make it mainstream ?

Hey Himanshu!

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to Upstox community! I appreciate your interest in our charts. The tv.upstox chart is indeed inspired by TradingView, offering a familiar feel. While some indicators may differ, our team is actively working to enhance and add features, including those requested like Pivot Points High Low.
Please note - Tv.Upstox doesn’t have custom indicators that are available on Trading view as they are pine script based.

Regarding tv.upstox and pro.upstox, they are different, but we are consistently improving both. The choice depends on your preferences and trading needs. We recommend exploring both to see which aligns better with your requirements.

That being said, I value your feedback, and your input will contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance the platform. Feel free to reach out with any more questions.