Chart comparison between TV.UPSOX.COM and

Hi Team, I am comparing the Banknifty daily charts between tv.upstoxk and

I notice the candle colors are completely opposite, please help me understand why I am seeing this? I am attaching a screenshot of the same for your review, refer to the arrow marks for candle color difference.

Hi @Mahesh_Kavalla -
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve messaged our product team to have someone take a look into this. We will let you know what we find out.

@Mahesh_Kavalla The default color of the candle that we use at Upstox is different in when compared to

If you want to change the candle colors, then you can change it in the chart settings. Please refer to the attached image for context.

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You have slightly misunderstood his question.

He is saying that instead of a green candle shown by OG TV, TV.upstox shows a red candle.

It can be possibly due to a setting called “color candles based on previous close” instead of default candle colors which is different according to the UI theme.

Hi @11.11 @Mahesh_Kavalla,

Apologies for our misunderstanding.

If you want the same candle color pattern as its in, then you need to enable the settings called color bars based on previous close in chart settings.

After enabling that setting, you can see the same color pattern in like it is in

You can refer to the attached screenshots for context.