Need 75 minute and 125 minute timeframe

please also add 75 minute timeframe chart in tradeview of upstox, i have to use dhan app again and again for 75 minute timeframe.

Hi @Ujjwal_Verma,

Welcome to the Upstox community!

Thank you for your suggestion. Please note that you can make custom intervals on our web platform by following the below steps:

• Log into and click on the chart intervals

• Go to the bottom of the list, add the required time interval in minutes and click on add

• Once added, you can start using it for your analysis.

As for mobile, it is in our roadmap and will be launched soon. We will keep you updated as it rolls out. Thanks.

You are right. But if I try to add 125 minutes or 75 minutes time from the place mentioned by you, it says ‘Not Applicable’.

Hey @Ujjwal_Verma,

Could you please share a screenshot (or ideally a video recording) of the error you’re encountering? This will help us to investigate and address your query effectively. Thanks!