Invalid PAN for a month now

I am unable to buy or sell as my PAN shows invalid. CDSL had already cinfirmed that PAN verficiatoin is complete. Pls help me here
5BAKEF my account


Thanks for sharing your UCC details with us. Allow us sometime, we will get this checked and update you.

Hey @Indarun01,

Upon investigation, we found that your account was deactivated by the exchange due to a mismatch in your date of birth (DOB) records. To resolve this issue, we need you to provide the correct DOB details.

Please courier a copy of your PAN card along with any other official document (e.g., Aadhaar card or passport) that verifies your DOB to the address mentioned here: How do I change my Date Of Birth (DOB) on my account? - Upstox Help Center

Once we receive these documents, we will work on reactivating your account as soon as possible.

Hi Vishal,

Can I share it online here, sharing by courier is time taking. All my documents have same dob not sure how can this happen.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @Indarun01 , we have arranged a call for you. A Upstox representative will reach out to you soon.

Dear Vaibhav,

I am currently travelling and have limited connectivity, would recommend if you can plan for a call tomorrow, Wednesday noon or late.

Thanks & Regards

Sure @Indarun01

We have noted your request.