Introducing P&L Alerts

Introducing P&L Alerts - Your Silent Trading Partner :computer:

Hello Traders,

Great news! We recently launched the P&L alerts monitoring feature on Android. Upstox will be the first broker in India to offer this feature.

This we develop to enhance the trading experience by providing real-time, customisable P&L alerts that enable traders to effectively monitor and manage their portfolio positions.

By offering timely notifications based on predefined profit and loss thresholds, the P&L alerts will empower users to respond swiftly to market changes, optimise their trading strategies, and better manage their risks better.

Why should you use it? (Benefits)

  • Risk Management: Helps in better risk management by setting predefined thresholds for profit and loss.

  • Increasing Market Volatility: Recent trends show increased market volatility, making real-time alerts more relevant and valuable.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Real-time alerts enable traders to make more informed decisions by providing timely updates on market conditions affecting their portfolios.

  • Reduced Manual Monitoring efforts: Traders often rely on constant manual monitoring, which is time-consuming and prone to human error, especially in volatile markets.

  • Real-Time Trading Support: Many traders face challenges to manage their trading positions in real-time. This absence leads to missed opportunities and inability to respond quickly to market changes.

How to use P&L Alerts

P&L Alerts

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