Instrument Key should be replaced by NSE symbols

Hi All,
For querying the historical data for any equity the API should ask for NSE symbol instead of the instrument key.
I feel symbols are more meaningful and easy to interpret. I guess symbols are unique as well.

For example, the Bharti Airtel has
Instrument Key - INE397D01024

Would like to hear your opinion on why instrument key was chosen to query equity.

Thank you for reaching out with your question. We’ve also considered this issue extensively at Upstox. To ensure a consistent primary identifier across our systems, we’ve adopted the instrument key, which has proven highly effective. It helps us maintain the integrity of the vast amounts of data we handle daily and positions us well for future scenarios where reliance on external fields is undesirable. Our solution involves a unique combination of exchange and ISIN values for the NSE.

We’ve historically used the equity token and symbol for many years. Our experiences have taught us that adjustments to large datasets are necessary whenever these elements change. Regarding your specific inquiry, trading symbols are not static. You can refer to the following public NSE circulars for information on name and symbol changes and verify these against the Upstox API instrument file:

Tokens are also prone to change and being reused, especially in scenarios like equity delisting.

We aim to enhance user experience and ensure the long-term accuracy of trading data. We are confident that this approach is the most efficient way to manage changes in tokens or symbol names, allowing us to maintain consistent conventions regardless of changes in other dependent fields.

I hope this information proves helpful to you.

Sure, that makes sense, I was not aware that the symbols are prone to updation.