Market quote returns empty data

Here is my symbol (For example purpose): ‘NSE_FO|BANKNIFTY23D2045100CE’
And url endpoints:

With GET request over cURL in PHP I got sucess message but data field is empty.
Here is response: {“status”:“success”,“data”:[]}

If I change symbol to 'NSE_FO|some security key ’ then data field is returned correctly its returning empty with symbol name

For your request regarding BANKNIFTY23DEC45100CE, please use the following cURL command:

In upcoming updates, we will make corrections to the documentation to use the instrument key instead of the symbol.

Understood, but getting updated by instrument key is a complex work, cause we need to upload updated CSV file everyday. But if api works with symbol name then this can be done hassle free. Also for using some instrument we need to manage lots of security keys everyday. If there is any way what I missing please let me know.

It is recommended to set up an automated process for daily CSV file downloads and environment updates. The “instrument key” is a crucial aspect we adhere to in our API specifications to prevent errors.

There is a possibility that the symbol name, especially for cash, may undergo changes, and the format of the symbol name may evolve in the future. Additionally, we aim to retain historical political records and offer users the capability to conduct backtesting. Having a unique identifier within the system, independent of exchanges, greatly facilitates the development of robust robotic systems.