How to automet my option treding strategy

I have a one option buying strategy a and don’t have any idea How to use upstox uplink api and how to create and automet trade and app use

There are generally two main types of APIs offered by Upstox Uplink platform:

1. Trading API:

  • Order Management: Place, modify, or cancel orders.
  • Portfolio Information: Fetch positions and holdings information.
  • Funds Information: Get details of the funds available in the account.

2. Market Data API:

  • Live Market Data: Access real-time quotes and market data.
  • Historical Data: Fetch historical price and volume data.
  • Websocket API: Receive live updates through Websockets for real-time information on orders, trades, and market data.

To use the Upstox API, one typically needs to sign up for an account with Upstox, and upon account verification, they would receive API keys. These keys are used for authentication when making requests to the API endpoints.

Upstox’s API documentation:

Documentation provides detailed information on how to authenticate, as well as comprehensive details on the endpoints available and how to use them.