Api integration

Want to understand about upstox api integration.
How i can use upstox api in my broking platform

Upstox API allows developers to access real-time trading data, manage orders, and execute trades programmatically through their applications or systems. APIs are designed to be robust and offer a wide range of features for individual traders and developers looking to integrate Upstox’s trading features into their applications.

There are generally two main types of APIs offered:

1. Trading API:

  • Order Management: Place, modify, or cancel orders.
  • Portfolio Information: Fetch positions and holdings information.
  • Funds Information: Get details of the funds available in the account.

2. Market Data API:

  • Live Market Data: Access real-time quotes and market data.
  • Historical Data: Fetch historical price and volume data.
  • Websocket API: Receive live updates through Websockets for real-time information on orders, trades, and market data.

To use the Upstox API, one typically needs to sign up for an account with Upstox, and upon account verification, they would receive API keys. These keys are used for authentication when making requests to the API endpoints.

Upstox’s API documentation:

Documentation provides detailed information on how to authenticate, as well as comprehensive details on the endpoints available and how to use them.

We have our fintech platform where we want to build stock broking platform and want to use upstox api and oms & rms system.
Can we arrange call or Google meeting to understand more about api integration part.

Please visit the website Business Trading API - Upstox and click “Get in Touch With Us” to access the form.

After submitting the form successfully, our API Support team member will contact you.

@Pradeep_Jaiswar I have submitted the form twice in the past 3 weeks, but I haven’t heard back from the API Support team. How can I connect with any member of the team?

Hi @Vijit_Mathur - Please share your UCC and someone from our team will get in touch with you soon.

@Nevin I haven’t created an account with UpStox yet. I am not sure whether I have access to UCC? Is there a way I can share my number with you or a member of your team?

@Vijit_Mathur - you can share your email ID or phone number here and we will get in touch with you

@Nevin Can you please drop me a note on my personal email vijitmathur2@gmail.com and I will revert back from my official email and share the details. Thanks!

@Vijit_Mathur - Thanks! I have dropped an email.

@Nevin I haven’t received it. Can you please forward the email to our company’s official email which is contact@biggrfin.com

@Vijit_Mathur - Done


We need a IPO Date API for Our app please help us for this.